Freud Collections in the Library of Congress

The Sigmund Freud Papers, Films, and Photographs in the Library of Congress are available through the Library's Manuscript Division, Moving Image Research Center, and Prints and Photographs Division. Readers and researchers can contact the appropriate division or center for information regarding use of the collections in the Library and their online access.

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Sigmund Freud Papers-Manuscript Division

The Library of Congress Manuscript Division website has up-to-date information on the organization and use of the Sigmund Freud Papers. All researchers are advised to write or telephone the Manuscript Reading Room prior to visiting.

The Series Description of the Sigmund Freud Papers should be reviewed prior to accessing the contents of the Papers' Finding Aid, as the Series Description offers a detailed overview of what the collection contains and how it is maintained.

Manuscript Division-Homepage

Sigmund Freud Papers-Homepage and Series Description:

Sigmund Freud Papers-Finding Aid

Sigmund Freud Papers-Finding Aid (PDF file)

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Sigmund Freud Films-Moving Image Research Center

Moving Image Research Center-Homepage

Sigmund Freud Films-Catalog

Sigmund Freud Films-Overview

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Sigmund Freud Photographs-Prints and Photographs Division

Prints and Photographs Division-Homepage

Sigmund Freud Photographs-Catalog

Sigmund Freud Photographs-Overview

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Anna Freud Papers and Other Psychoanalytic Collections-Manuscript Division

Information and guidelines on the use of the Anna Freud Papers and allied psychoanalytic collections are available at:

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